Pile up

When activating my first SOTA- references I was surprised about the large number of QSOs. I’d never expected more than a dozen callers or so. Actually about 50 stations were calling and the number is about the same on every summit. As everybody is informed by the cluster system at the same time a pile up is building within minutes.

During my next trips I noted down what made me struggle answering the calls quickly. The following suggestions may help getting through more easily when you’re calling:

  • Call in a range of +/- 150 Hz. If all stations are calling zero beat copying is very hard.
  • Sign your call only once. Then listen for a few seconds before the next call. I’m logging with paper and pencil. This needs some time.
  • Repeat your call sign only if I made a mistake. Otherwise misunderstandings may happen and eventually errors will be introduced.




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