The SOTA year 2015 in retrospect

This is an older article that has not been published before.

One year ago I decided to activate a SOTA reference every month. Now the year is over and I wonder: Did that plan work out? And if so, what has changed as a result?

The first question is easily answered: Yes, I’ve been QRV from more than 12 SOTA references in the last 12 months.

What has changed?

Most of the activations took place near my home. During my trips the – compared to the Alps – unspectacular Swabian Jura became more attractive for me. My activations inspired trips with family and friends.

Taking the radio outdoor is fun! More than once I was sitting in a beautiful place enjoying the panoramic view while operating. Apparently others were more interested in a QSO with me when I was QRV from a SOTA summit. It was not uncommon to have a small pile-up after a few CQs.

Gradually I adapted my equipment to the needs of being outdoors. A routine developed over time and the setup became more efficient.


So far, there’s no specific plan, but I’m going to move on. I hope to be able to take my rig on more peaks in the future and I am looking forward to receiving calls from old friends and new SOTA chasers.