DM/BW-078 – Roemerstein – 872m


October 22, 2016: 13:40 – 14:40 UTC

Rig: KX3 / 10W, 2200mAh LiPo, Palm Pico Paddle
Ant: inverted V up 7m on a tree

9 CW QSOs on 20m, 13 CW QSOs on 30m, 28 CW QSOs on 40m

Trip together with Klaus, DO1ABT, and his kids to Roemerstein, an easy to access summit. We met at the car park and walked to the watchtower in about 15 minutes. Luckily the tower was open. So we went up and enjoyed a beautiful view upon the coloured trees.


DO1ABT set up the VHF/ UHF station at the top and called „CQ SOTA“. But his attempts were to no avail. After calling for what felt like a quarter of an hour we packed up with Zero QSOs. What a pitty!

DO1ABT/p operating on VHF/ UHF.

So  went back to the ground where we set up the HF station. 20m was open towards NA and four stations made it into the log. After QSY to 30m and 40m many well known calls from EU followed.


DL3TU/p operating on HF.

Again it was lots of fun being on Roemerstein – especially together with Klaus and his kids.

Thanks for the QSOs!


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