CQ WW DX CW 2017

DD1A in Singen/ Hohentwiel: 20m Stack and 40m beam on the SMAG Ftm 25/6.

For the second time I was invited to participate in „the“ contest at DD1A, the station of the German- Swiss contest team in Singen/ Hohentwiel. This is a great honor for me as my ambitions and CW skills are mediocre.

It was lots of fun, meeting the guys again. We had supper on Friday night. Later we split up, some went to work the first shift while others tried to get some sleep before operating.

Dinner at IT9 with the team just before the contest starts.

All the equipment performed flawlessly except for a few minor issues. Saturday morning I was running on 160m and 80m for about three hours before I finally went hunting for multipliers on 160 at our sunrise. With the recently installed beverages, the Rx- performance on the low bands increased significantly. Thanks Andy, HB9CVQ!

7:00 AM: you don’t look fresh after several hours on the radio…
Looking more relaxed after a good breakfast and a couple of hours sleep…

We had lots of fun and ended up with a reasonable result, considering the condx. I start thinking about joining the team for the ARRL DX CW in February…



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