Participated in the Multi/ Single HP class with the team of DD1A. Conditions were OK if you accept that we are close to the bottom of the cycle. 10m didn’t open at all and 15m opened only briefly on both, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
On Sunday afternoon 20m was in excellent shape and we enjoyed a good rate for several hours. Stations from the North and West showed the typical „fluttery“ signal – sweet music in a DXer’s ear 😉

We ended up with almost 1900 QSOs and a claimed score of a bit more than one million points. 20m was our most productive band closely followed by 40m.

Again it was lots of fun, operating from such an awesome station!

20m stack and 40m 2- element beam covered with snow, rapidly melting in the first sunlight on Sunday morning.
Even the Beverage got an inch of snow.
The team is relaxed. This photo has been taken right in the middle of the contest with no new QSOs available.
Station 2 and Station 3 – I really like the setup!
Saturday night we had an inch of snow. It looked quite nice on Sunday morning.

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