F/AB-389 – Charmant Som – 1867m


August 25, 2018; 16:00 UTC
My first activation of Charmant Som- the second time I was standing on top.

Wx: Cloudy and fog on the summit, light drizzle.
Walking time up: 30 min. down: 20 min.
Ascent: approx. 200m from the farm (1669m)
Descent: approx. 200m back to the farm.

1 CW QSO on 30m, hence the activation did not qualify 😦
Poor condx on 20m and 30m and a contest on 40m

Rig: KX3 / 10W, 2200mAh LiPo, Palm Pico Paddle
Ant: EFHW Dipole (40m, 30m, 20m) as inverted L on a 6m squid pole

How to get there?

Leave the main road at Col de Porte towards Chalets du Charmant Som (1669m). There is a big car park. From there follow the signs to the summit.
Charmant Som  can be very crowded, especially on a weekend as it is easy to climb.

Activation report:

Two years ago we were climbing the east face slabs of Charmant Som together with friends. Marie (6 years at that time) did quite well considering the fact that she never climbed a multi pitch route before.
Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to do an activation but it was lots of fun anyway.


Now we were back and the summit looked very inviting.


Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as shown in the photo above, which has been taken the day after the activation. Instead the summit was in clouds most of the day.
In the late afternoon the clouds cleared a bit and with nothing else to do I left the camping site for a quick activation.

La Pinéa, F/AB-603 in the south-west.

By the time I reached the car park at the farm, the weather had changed. The summit was in clouds again and the last people were returning to their cars.
Nevertheless I went to the top where I waited for the weather to decided whether it would improve or not. After a while, just for a few minutes, the sun came out and I set up antenna and station.
Because there wasn’t time to set an alert before I left, no one seemed to hear my „CQ“ on 20m and 30m. And there was no mobile network coverage at the summit to submit a cluster spot. On 40m a contest was in full swing, hence I immediately turned back to 30m. I managed to make a single QSO with a station in YO- Land who was calling CQ. But after that I wasn’t able to log any more QSOs 😦


Finally light drizzle started falling from dark clouds. This was the signal to pack in and head back to the car.
It wasn’t so much fun operating from Charmant Som (despite the name) but a nice hike anyway. Thanks for the QSO!

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