Gipfel rund um die Rappenseehütte


September 4th, 2018 until September 6th, 2018
A „Mini- Expedition“ to SOTA- references in the vicinity of Rappenseehütte.

Wx: sunny in the morning, overcast in the afternoon. Summits covered with clouds.
Walking time up: 3:10 h, down: 2:00 h
Ascent/ Descent: approx. 1100m from Alpe Eschbach

How to get there?

From Oberstdorf central station take the Bus „E“ to „Fellhornbahn/ Birgsau“ until the terminal stop „Alpe Eschbach“.
From there, follow the road to Einödsbach and continue on the trail to Rappenseehütte via Petersalpe and Enzianhütte. The trail can be very wet and muddy, even days after the last rain.

Route report:

On Tuesday morning, shortly before 7:00 a.m., I went to Tübingen railway station by bike. There I took the train to Oberstdorf via Plochingen and Ulm.
The journey by train takes much longer than a trip by car. Only shortly after 11:00 o’clock I left the train in Oberstdorf. The bus „E“ was already waiting at the bus stop opposite, taking the hikers to Alpe Eschbach. From here I walked on to Einödsbach, Germany’s southernmost permanently inhabited settlement.

Einödsbach, Germany’s southernmost permanently inhabited settlement.

The sky was already cloudy, which was rather pleasant for the upcoming ascent. The path however was very wet, partly it resembled a stream bed.
The ascent to Petersalpe and further on to Enzianhütte followed a rather slippery trail and through undergrowth as tall as a man – all not very pleasant.

Broken hiking boots at Enzianhütte.
Enzianhütte at 1804 meteres a.s.l

The clouds had become even more dense in the meantime. The summits (here  Hochrappenkopf) were partly covered in mist.

Hochrappenkopf covered in mist.

After about three hours and a last steep climb it was done! Rappenseehütte lies suddenly and unexpectedly in front of you.
At Linkerskopf, however, the first wafts of mist were already looming and soon all peaks around the hut were completely covered in mist.

Rappenseehütte with Linkerskopf (left) and Rotgundspitze (right) inthe afternoon.
All summits around Rappenseehütte from left to right: Linkerskopf and Rotgundspitze (behind the Hut). Hochgundspitze, Rappenseekopf and Hochrappenkopf in the centre. Hohes Licht and Biberkopf can’t be seen from here.

The rooms in the hut are very comfortable.

Comfortable room with three bunk beds.

Towards the evening the mist slowly cleared. Suddenly engine noises could be heard and a shiny orange helicopter of the air rescue service appeared.
Apparently hikers had been surprised by the fog and had to be rescued. Most of the operation happened behind clouds. After about 20 minutes the helicopter turned off. Hopefully they had found the hikers in trouble.

Shiny helicopter of the air rescue service searching for hikers in trouble.

By sunset the fog had completely cleared. The „network-seekers“ lined up at the ridge to have a short conversation with those who stayed at home or to send the pictures of the day 😉

Hikers searching for network coverage, trying to make a phone call with their beloved ones.

In order to charge the smartphones, the landlord set up a charging station in the living room, which was used intensively.

Smartphone charging…

All in all, I enjoyed my stay at the Rappenseehütte very much. The hut team creates a friendly and pleasant atmosphere. Despite the more than 300 overnight guests at peak times, it wasn’t a „mass check-in“. The hut is very clean and the comfortable atmosphere is more than sufficient for an Alpine Club hut. If you want, you can even enjoy a short hot shower.

The descent on Thursday after lunch was done on the same slippery trail as the ascent. The headaches, which were still booming in the morning subsided at some point and when I stretched my legs into the icy waters of the Stillach, everything was fine – only the summits were already in clouds again 🙂

Only hikers know how it feels to strech the legs in the water of an icy river after days of hiking.

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