DL/AL-006 – Rotgundspitze – 2485m


September 5th, 2018; 07:05 – 07:40 UTC
First activation ever of Rotgundspitze!

Wx: sunny and blue sky, 8C at Rappenseehütte, cool at the top.
Walking time up: 1:30h , down: 0:30h.
Ascent: approx. 400m from Rappenseehütte (2091m).
Descent: approx. 220m to Grosse Steinscharte (2262m).

11 CW QSOs on 40m, 3 CW QSOs on 30m, 1 CW QSO on 20m
Conditions on all bands seemed to be fair, but activity was low. Later I learned that SOTAwatch had been down all morning.

Rig: MTR-3B / 3W, 1250mAh LiPo (2S), Palm Pico Paddle
Ant: EFHW Dipole (40m, 30m, 20m) as inverted L on a 6m squid pole

How to get there?

From Rappenseehütte (2091m) follow the track to „Grosse Steinscharte/ Heilbronner Weg/ Hohes Licht“. 50 metres behind the junction (signpost saying „Steeg 3h“) turn left without track. Then head for the notch in the eastern ridge. Once you reach the ridge, stay on it until the summit. A more detailed description is available upon request via email.

Activation report:

Some time ago I discovered that Rotgundspitze had never been activated before. After a brief look into the „Alpenvereinsführer“ I found the way to the summit viable and started planning a tour which connected several summits nearby. Obviously I intended to do as many summits as possible when travelling this far.

Rotgundspitze (centre) and Linkerskopf (right) vom seen from the ridge.







On Wednesday morning I started at 7:15 (local time) from Rappenseehütte towards Heilbronner Weg. After about 30 minutes I left the marked trail and turned towards the east ridge. The trail to Rotgundspitze is not marked, but you can see a faint track towards a notch in the ridge. Once it has been reached, orientation is easy. From now on you stay near the ridge.
There is only one passage which makes scrambling necessary. But it isn’t exposed and could even be avoided. All in all, the tricky passages are much easier than they look from a distance.

The summit carries a small summit cross with a summit book. The last entry was already one week ago. Rotgundspitze is a fairly lonesome summit.

The last metres to the summit cross on Rotgundspitze.

The view from the summit was great.

In the centre: „Allgäuer Dreigestirn“, i.e. Trettachspitze, Mädelegabel and Hochfrottspitze, a little further to the right Bockkarkopf and parts of „Heilbronner Weg“. Below Trettachspitze, Waltenberger Haus is glittering in the first sunlight.


View to the west on Rappensee (Rappenseehütte is hidden).


Panoramic view to the West (klick on the image to enlarge).


Panoramic view to the st (klick on the image to enlarge).


There wasn’t much room on the summit, but it was enough for one person and the EFHW dipole.

After taking a couple of photos, I started the activation on 40 metres. But only stations only responded sporadically to my „CQ SOTA“. Just as if they had found me by chance and had not been lured to my frequency by SOTAwatch. I started wondering if there might be something wrong with my station. But the reports I received were mostly good. So my equipment should be okay actually.
Nevertheless, long minutes of calling CQ followed after each QSO. QSYing on 30 metres didn’t make things better. In this situation I was very grateful that G4OBK stayed with me and confirmed a good signal report.
A little disappointed about the course of the activation, I packed in with 15 QSOs in order to save battery power for the next summit.

Portable shack on the summit.


View onto Rotgundspitze (right) and Hochgundspitze (left). Picture taken from Hohes Licht. The trail to Rappenseehütte leads between the two summits.

It was a great tour on a beautiful and lonely summit. Many thanks for the calls, the „support“ and the spots in the DX cluster! It was – as always – fun!

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