CQ WW DX – CW (2019)

Also this year I was invited to join the crew of DD1A in Singen (Hohentwiel). DL1II keeps the station in excellent shape and DD1A can be heard in various contests throughout the year. Due to many other commitments, I usually only go there only once or twice a year. CQ WW DX is the biggest contest of the year and DD1A usually participates in the Multi Two class.

This time I went there by train. It takes a little longer, but it’s a good opportunity to prepare for the contest or just relax during the journey.
I was looking forward to seeing the guys from DD1A again.

2019-11-24 09.20.09
Singen central station…

Usually the first team members start setting up the Rx antennas while it is still daylight. And usually it ends in complete darkness because every time something is missing or broken, which needs to be replaced 😉

2019-11-24 09.30.20
The army tower extended to its full height.

This time, however, the team was a little down in size, due to the illness of one of our members. This implied that the shifts of the remaining team members were longer than usual.

2019-11-24 09.30.31
A little stream runs right past the Shack

The conditions on Saturday morning were very good. We had lots of QSOs on 160m and 80m was a kind of workhorse. 40 was incredible with QSOs to NA until after 9:00 UTC, which is several hours after our sunrise. 15 was open to the Far East at that time. So a lot to do for all OPs.

2019-11-23 10.11.59
Contest in full swing.

On sunday morning while I was doing S&P on 40m the computer crashed and then decided to install updates – that was not funny!

2019-11-24 13.09.48
You’ll hate that if it happens during the contest 😉

Most of my operating was on the Low-Bands and only few hours on 20m and above. My personal highlight was being called by W7WA on 40m via LP on 15:35 UTC.
I was surprised to see 10m open briefly on Sunday afternoon to South America. I could hear PT2S quite well but he didn’t answer my call – that would have been a double multi 😦

I returned home during the last hours of the contest becuase of other comittments on Monday morning. Just before Midnight UTC I checked the bands and found Uli, V55A/ DM5EE calling CQ test on 40m. He was so loud on my Dipole, it was almost unbelievable. I gave him a call and we quickly exchanged reports and 73s. That’s what fascinates me most in Ham Radio: Saying hello to a buddy 9.000 km away from home 🙂

In the end, we reached more than 6.5 million points with almost 5300 QSO’s!

Final result: Better than last year :o)

It was lots of fun and I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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