DXCC on Top Band

Well, this is certainly off topic, but something I’m really pleased to report:
Today around our sunrise I worked P4/DL4MM for #100 on Top Band. All entities have been worked with low power and a lousy antenna 🙂

I’m QRV on 160m since summer 2014. Back then I worked a handful of HQ- stations during the IARU HF- championship with a random wire and a large loading coil. Needless to say that it didn’t go too well and only some big guns ever heard me.
During the following months I searched for a way to deploy a sufficiently long wire. Finally I found a way to stretch a quarter wave wire through the courtyard. It is „sloping“ from our balcony 15m above ground. The fascination of Top Band came soon, as almost every QSO was a new one.

My 41m long wire across the courtyard, 15m above ground.

Some neighbours didn’t approve of my construction. Each year in spring I have to remove the wire until beginning of winter – for the sake of peace. This is reflected in the plateaus in the graph below. It is a strange coincidence that since then spring starts later every year and winter comes increasingly earlier. Possibly a reverse effect of global warming 😉

Development of my country total on Top Band over the last five years.

The QRM- level at my place is not catastrophic but still fairly high. With an IF- bandwidth of 400 Hz, S5..6 is standard. Hence I started playing with Rx antennas. They make listening more pleasant. With my current setup I can hear much further than my 100 Watts transmitter signal carries. It occurs fairly often that I can hear the DX, but am not heard by them.

In below slideshow a couple of my QSLs are shown:

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