DM/BW-661 – Stuifen – 757m


April 16th, 2020, 12:10 – 12:40 UTC
My first activation of Stuifen- a completely wodded but interesting summit!

Wx: sunny, few clouds approx. 23°C
Walking time: approx. 30 min. up/ 15 min. down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 200 vertical metres

Conditions on 20m were good with two DX- QSOs into NA but deep QSB. 30m was loud but less QSOs than last time. k = 0, SFI = 68

Rig: KX3 / 10W, 2.9Ah AGM battery, Palm Pico Paddle
Ant: 22 m end fed wire with QRP L- Tuner as inverted L on a 6m- squid pole.

8 CW QSOs on 20m
10 CW QSOs on 30m

How to get there?

Take the road from Donzdorf to Wißgoldingen. There is a parking lot at the northern edge of the village. From there, follow the paved road to the north and later the track up the hill.


Stuifen is one of the „Drei Kaiserberge“ (Link). Klick on the picture to enlarge…

2020-04-16 13.49.00

Activation report:

From the parking lot at Hornberg it takes about 15 minutes to Wißgoldingen. There I parked the car at the edge of the village and walked along the paved path in northern direction. On a bench sat two cyclists, one of whom was holding a full Weissbier glass in his hands. An unusual sight that made me smile. How I would have loved to drink a cool Weissbier now!

The path led on through fields and soon after steeply through the forest. Soon I stood on a clearing with a cross from where I had a nice view of the scenery. From there it was only a few hundred metres to the top. The unique thing about Stuifen is that the ridge on which the summit is located is only a few meters wide and is completely wooded.

If possible, I try not to set up my antenna directly on the summit in order not to disturb other hikers. But in this case a bench near the trig point was the only place where you could place an antenna at all. During the activation fortunately only few people arrived. Most of them came by bike and nobody wanted to sit on the bench.

As on the previous summits, I decided on two bands. Now, in the early afternoon, the path to North America was open on 20m. In addition to two DX- QSOs the more distant Europeans went into the log. On 30m I worked all across Europe again.

Because of the limited space, I kept the activation rather short and dismantled the antenna after approximately 25 minutes. While packing up I had a nice conversation with a cyclist. This one knew something about CB radio and was surprised as I told him of my two QSOs with North America.

When everything was packed up, it became clear that I had enough time for the fourth activation. I hurried back to my car and was off for the last summit, Hohenstaufen.


  • condx to North America were good
  • setting up the antenna amongst the trees and with limited space was tricky

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It was fun again. Thanks a lot for the calls!


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