DM/BW-038 – Lemberg – 1015m (3)


August 1st, 2020, 09:15 – 11:15 UTC
My third activation of Lemberg, this time together with Fabian, DC1SAF.

Wx: Sunny in the morning, becoming increasingly cloudy, temp above 30°C in the afternoon.
Walking time: 20 min up, 15 min down
Ascent/ descent: Approx. 150 metres

Rig: KX3 / 10W, 2.9Ah AGM battery, charged by solar power, Palm Pico Paddle
Ant: 22 m end fed wire with QRP L- Tuner as inverted L in a  tree.

Condx were good on all bands according to the RBN-spots. k = 0, SFI = 72
However, activity on 30 metres and especially on 20 metres was very low this time.

35 CW QSOs on 40m – 5 x S2S
12 SSB QSOs on 40m – 2 x S2S
4 CW QSOs on 30m
2 CW QSOs on 20m

Joint activation with DC1SAF.


How to get there?

There is a large parking lot on the road from Wilfingen to Gosheim to the left. The sign post towards Lemberg can hardly be missed.
From there, follow one of the marked tracks to the summit. The ascent is short but fairly steep.

Activation report:

Lemberg is one of the „10 Thousanders“ of the Swabian Jura (Link), all of them reaching an altitude of more than 1000 metres a.s.l.
The summit is completely wooded, but has a clearing on top, about the size of a football field. There is an ancient tower about 33 metres high.

When we reached the top, we set up at the table in the far corner of the clearing as we didn’t want to bother other hikers with our activation more than necessary. I started on 40 metres CW where it went like a charm.
Since we didn’t have the matching adapter for his key, DC1SAF took over on 40 metres SSB. It was Fabian’s first SOTA activation and it went very well. Being an excellent operator, he managed the pile-up with ease.

2020-08-01 12.07.50-1

When the pile-up dried up, we had a brief chat about how it had been going. Then, I plugged in my own microphone (thanks, Corona) and continued on 40 metres SSB. But even though the frequency appeared to be clear, almost instantly there was a big mess with stations calling out of turn.
HB9CYV was kind enough to inform me about another station operating on the same frequency, I couldn’t hear that fellow but decided to QSY.

30 metres CW was slow with very few callers and 20 meters CW was even worse with only two QSOs! I have no explanation for that other than low activity around noon(?)
Just at that time a young couple approached us and asked what we were doing. I let the CQ- loop do the work and joined the really nice conversation about amateur radio and SOTA.

Then it was time to pack up and climb the tower. We stayed up there for quite a while and finally had two QSOs with members of our local club in Tuebingen, using the repeater DB0NZZ.


  • Very low activity on 30 metres and 20 metres without a plausible explanation.
  • Mess on 40 metres SSB which needs to be analyzed in retrospect.
  • Hikers showed big interest in our activation. It’s easier when there are two of us, because one can explain as long as the other keeps on operating.
  • The weather kept up until the evening.

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Thanks, Fabian, for joining me on this trip. It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed our discussions about many aspects of life and amateur radio.
Most of the excellent photos have been taken by him, all credits go to DC1SAF!

Thanks for the QSOs!

Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-08-01 21-45-35

Ein Gedanke zu “DM/BW-038 – Lemberg – 1015m (3)

  1. Fabian, DC1SAF 2. August 2020 / 13:32

    Dear Roman,

    thank you for our awesome experience we shared together. The conjunction of amateur radio, outdoor activities and meaningful discussions really resulted in valuable quality time.

    Roman, thank you so much for inviting me to this trip.

    Vy 73,
    Fabian, DC1SAF

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