Three summit tour: DM/BW-014, BW-047 and BW-054


September 4th, 2020, 08:50 – 09:40 UTC and 12:00 – 13:00 UTC
My first activation of Hornisgrinde (BW-019) and Badener Höhe (BW-047). The raod to Hohloh (BW-054) was blocked and would have caused a diversion of about one hour. That’s why I finally skipped the third summit.

Wx: Sunny in the morning, some clouds in the afternoon. Temp about 25°C.
Walking time: 30 min up, 20 min down on BW-019 and 40 min up, 25 min down on  BW-047
Ascent/ descent: Approx. 130/ 250 vertical metres respectively

Rig: KX3 / 10W, 2.9Ah AGM battery, Palm Mini Paddle
Ant: 22 m end fed wire with QRP L- Tuner as inverted L on a 6 metre squid pole on BW-019. On BW-047 set up as invered Vee in a tree.

Condx on all bands seemed to be average. k = 2, SFI = 70

On BW-019:
10 CW QSOs on 40m – 1 x S2S
9 CW QSOs on 30m – 1 x S2S
10 SSB QSOs on 40m – 1 x S2S

On BW-047:
9 CW QSOs on 40m – 1 x S2S
6 CW QSOs on 30m
8 CW QSOs on 20m – 1 x S2S

Nice day trip to the Black Forest.

Blocked road on the way to BW-054. No possibility to reach and activate the summit on an alternative route.

How to get there?

BW-019 can be reached from the car park at Mummelsee.
BW-074 can be reached from the car park in Herrenwies.

Activation report:

To make the long trip to the northern Black Forest worthwhile, I had planned the activation of three summits. Since I expected a large number of visitors around noon, Hornisgrinde (DM/BW-019) was the first summit of the day, still fairly early.

I started slightly delayed at home, and due to the heavy traffic on the way, the delay increased even more. I reached the parking lot 45 minutes later than planned, when I actually already wanted to be QRV.
The way around Mummelsee is beautiful and gains altitude quickly. On the plateau I looked for a place that was a bit off the beaten track and viewpoints so as not to disturb other hikers. There I quickly set up the station.

The activation had barely begun when a farmer approached and explained to me that an electric fence was going to be erected around me. Sheep and goats would later be brought to graze there. We agreed that I could stay for another hour before the animals arrived. I resumed the interrupted activation, but soon a helicopter circled above me and made such a noise that I could hardly understand anything.

After only a few QSOs on 40 CW, the pile-up dried up and I QSYed to 30 CW, where again only a few QSOs came into the log.
Finally I tried 40 SSB, where it was going well at last. Then the hour we agreed on was already over and I had to hurry up. The descent was fast and smooth. Just like the onward journey to Herrenwies, my next destination.

The ascent to Badener Höhe proved to be long. With the meanwhile high temperatures quite a few drops of sweat flowed. When I arrived at the look-out tower, I had to realize that it was crowded and it was impossible to operate undisturbed. For this reason, I descended a little and looked for a quiet, shady spot, which was still in the AZ.

Once the station was set up, I started the activation on 20 CW. The interest was – just like afterwards on 30 CW – low. Then I QSYed to 17 meters CW. The band was wide open, but I did not get an answer to my CQ call. Finally I tried 40 CW, where some QSOs could be made before I had to pack up and return to the parking lot.

From Herrenwies it took about 45 minutes by car to my next destination. I had planned the route so that this was already a part of the way back home. Almost at the end of the ride I stood in front of a blocked road. Due to roadworks I couldn’t go any further. It was still 5 km and 300 vertical metres to the summit (BW-054) which was supposed to be almost a drive on location. For an unplanned 10 km hike I did not have enough water and food with me. The shortest alternative by car would have taken almost an hour. But it was already getting late. So with a heavy heart I canceled the third activation and started the trip back home.


  • I should have checked the route for closures in advance.
  • The latest (minor) changes in equipment (Adjustable Bungee Cable Ties replaced the velcro strips) have proven to be effective.
  • Using the Palm Mini Paddle seems to be more convenient for my „heavy hand“.

Despite the blocked road at the end of my trip the two activations were fun. Thanks for the QSOs!

QSOs from DM/BW-019
QSOs from DM/BW-047

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