CQ WW DX – CW (2020)

In recent years I participated in the CQ WW DX in the M2 category together with the team of DD1A, the „Swiss-German Contest Team“. This year, because of COVID-19, this was no option.

Participating from home would have been only a bad compromise, as I can neither erect large directional antennas nor run high power in my residential area. Furthermore, my local noise level is fairly high.
But all efforts to find a suitable location for a fieldday style participation failed in the run up to the event.
Finally, I had no choice but to participate from home. I surely didn’t want to miss the good condx after years with very low sun spot numbers.

So I made the best of the situation and decided to join as SOSB LP. In order to have at least a few dB antenna gain, I put a Delta-Loop for 15 metres on the roof just before the contest. It is available from our DX-pedition to HB0 and was still perfectly tuned, so that the setup was easy.


– SOSB (15) LP not assisted

Band conditions:
– SFI = 106 / k = 3 on Saturday
– SFI = 110 / k = 2 on Sunday
– lcl QRM about S3 +/- @ 400 Hz IFBW and PreAmp on (which is already a lot!)

– QSOs: 451 (thereof 40% NA, 33% UA (incl. UA9/0), 6% Caribbean and SA, 5% far east)
– Zones: 26
– Countries: 73 
– Raw score: 105.570
– Almost complete S&P effort
– On-time 17.5 hrs, had about 45 min lunch break on both days and about an hour break during NA prime time to accompany the choir in our courtyard with my French horn (it was the 1st Sunday in Advent).

– Fantastic band conditions with 15 metres being open from sunrise to sunset.
– There seemed to be an endless number of NA stations. Most operators are excellent which makes working NA a real pleasure.

– Win10 crashed Sunday morning. Lost communication to the K3 temporarily and all my band map entries.
– Some mults or even double mults I only heard but could not get in the log (amongst others: V31MA, XE1DX, C6AGU, HP3SS, 5Z4…)
– Some stations would only identify after 5 to 10 QSOs. It was really frustrating to listen to the QSOs just to find that the running station was already in the log when he signed his call.

– Only few JA stations could be heard and worked. The path to JA was lost fairly early.
– Surprising number of Chinese stations with good signals and operators.

The contest was lots of fun with 15 metres being open from sunrise to sunset after years with only bief openings.
I had the impression that running with LP would result in a fairly low rate. Moreover, being not assisted, I would have missed important mults. That’s why I did S&P most of the time.

In the meantime the raw scores are available. It doesn’t look bad 😉


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