DM/BW-228 – Hummelsberg – 1002m (4)


January 24, 2021  11:10 – 12:45 UTC
My fourth activation of Hummelsberg, first time during winter conditions.

Wx: Cloudy, approx. -4°C, strong, gusty winds, 30 cm of snow
Walking time: 30 min. up, 20 min. down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 30 vertical metres

Rig: KX3 / 10W,  2.5 Ah Li-Ion battery (4S), Palm Mini Paddle
Ant: 42 ft (12.8m) random wire as inverted Vee on a tree
Total weight of the (radio) equipment: 2647g

Condx were good according to the RBN spots.
60 metres was the most productive band, followed by 20 metres.
k = 1, SFI = 78

23 QSOs on 20m CW, 4 x DX
  7 QSOs on 30m CW, 1 x S2S
16 QSOs on 40m CW
29 QSOs on 60m CW, 2 x S2S
Weight per QSO: 35.3g

– A real winter adventure with very few people on the trail.

– none

How to get there?

As the parking lot „Klippeneck“ can be very crowded, I tried a different approach this time. I parked the car at the road from Gosheim to Böttingen (red circle). The trail to Hummelsberg is approx. 1.5 km and leads through the forest – a nice alternative route.


Activation report:

Sunday offered acceptable weather for another winter activation. There was a last minute decision for „Hummelsberg“ because the area is huge and there is always a possibility to move away from the crowds.

2021-01-24 11.47.12

There was lots of snow, but not as much as last weekend. So access to the summit was much easier and the setup was done in a fairly short time.

Again I worked the bands from 60 metres to 17 metres in descending order, searching for S2S every now and then. 60 metres and 20 metres contributed many QSOs, mostly with strong signals. Only 17 metres was a bit disappointing with no QSOs.

The last QSO was a S2S with F6HBI/p on 60 metres. Gerald was slightly outside the band but luckily someone convinced him to move up a bit. After that QSO it was time to pack in and leave. Activating for 60 to 90 minutes seem to be the limit of what is possible during winter.


  • The number of QSOs was really high. This might be because of the current lock-down situation in many countries and more people sitting at their radios.
  • Making the decision for my destination at the last minute led to a dangerous U-turn on the road. Next time I need to prepare the route more in advance and take the decision earlier.
  • The way from the parking lot initially led in the wrong direction. Without GPS, that would have gone wrong.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Again it was lots of fun. Thanks for the QSOs!
QSOs during the activation on DM/BW-228.

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