HB15SOTA Award

This certificate is issued by the Swiss SOTA group and is available to chasers and activators (summit-to-summit). Purpose is to celebrate the 15th anniversary of HB9SOTA.

The certificate is issued in three levels:

  • Alpenrose (6 cantons)
  • Enzian (14 cantons)
  • Edelweiss (24 cantons)

For the rules, follow this link: https://hb9sota.ch/hb15sota-award-rules/

A hint on SOTA-reflector brought this award to my attention. Since I had already a number of Summit-to-Summit QSOs with HB15SOTA in my log, I was curious whether they were counting for the certificate.
The check is very simple: You just need to enter your call sign here and get a direct display of how many cantons have been confirmed. In my case, there were QSOs with eight different cantons, which is more than enough for „Alpenrose“ level.
Maybe there is even enough time left to reach „Enzian“? The programme runs until the beginning of May.

Thank you so much, HB9SOTA, for this nice award!


Edit (2.4.2021): After some more activating and chasing HB15SOTA-stations I finally managed to reach „Enzian“ grade today with even 16 different Swiss cantons. All of them Summit-to-Summit  🙂

I don’t know whether there will be enough time and active HB15SOTA stations to reach „Edelweiss“ grade, but I’ll try…

Edit (16.4.2021): After chasing some more HB15SOTA-stations from home, I finally managed to reach „Edelweiss“ grade today with all 24 cantons which have at least one SOTA-summit. 16 of the 24 have been worked S2S and there is still some time left to increase the number of S2S…


Thanks to all the activators of HB9SOTA. Some of them traveled really far to activate a rare one. Others were sitting on summits at temperatures below freezing point and strong wind for several hours, somtimes QSYing to odd frequencies upon request.
Thanks also to the awards manager Tom, HB9DPR, and to Markus, HB9DIZ, who did a lot of travelling, advertising and arranging QSOs silently in the background. It was loads of fun!