HB/OW-011 – Heitlistock – 2146m


October 2nd, 2021  11:00 – 11:35 UTC
My first activation of Heitlistock.

Wx: Sunny, approx. 10°C, few clouds, moderate breeze
Walking time: approx 2 hours up, 1 hour down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 520 vertical metres

Rig: KX3 / 10W, 2.5 Ah Li-Ion battery (4S), Palm Mini Paddle, FT-3D / 5W for VHF
Ant: EFHW dipole w/ QRP-L-Tuner as inverted L on a 6m squid pole, MFJ1714 for VHF

Condx seemed to be good with k = 1, SFI = 91

31 QSOs on 40m CW, 2 x S2S
1   QSO  on  2m   FM, 1 x S2S

– A great daytrip with friends
– Operating from a location with spectacular view on Eiger north face and many other summits

– none

How to get there?

By car from Sachseln (500m) to the parking lot Älggi-Alpe (1635m). Then on an easy trail to the saddle between Bocki and Heitlistock (1950m). From there without marked trail on steep alpine meadows along the ridge to the top (2146m).

2021-10-02 11.08.45
First view on Heitlistock, HB/OW-011 (2146m) in the centre. Bocki (2073m) on the left.

Activation report:

For day three of my trip to central Switzerland, HB9DIZ had suggested Heitlistock. The summit is close to my holiday apartment and the trail head (parking lot at Älggi-Alpe) can be reached by car. The road, however, is very narrow and there are very few possibilities to avoid oncoming traffic. That’s why on weekends the access is organized so that during the even hours you may only drive uphill, and during the odd hours you may only drive downhill. This road trip is already a highlight of its own.

From the car park, we went uphill over lovely trails to a col between Bocki and Heitlistock, where we took a short break. From there, we followed the ridge and carefully climbed over steep alpine meadows towards the top. The view became more magnificent with every metre gained.

The summit of Heitlistock is more of a long ridge, on which was enough room to set up our stations with enough space in between. However, a fresh breeze was blowing and it needed a second person to set up the antenna. Once everything was ready, HB9DIZ started activating on 2m FM, while I explained briefly what we were doing to a group which had arrived in the meantime.

Then I kicked off on 40m CW. It was absolutely amazing to work through the pile-up with the magnificent mountain scenery of central Switzerland in view. We had planned for a changeover at about half time, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. After 30 minutes of operation, Stefan realised that we had to meet the time slot for the downhill drive which started 90 minutes later. I felt really sorry to leave the pile-up hanging and even more that Markus didn’t have the opportunity to activate on shortwave. But we had no other choice than terminate the activation and pack up quickly.

We descended back into the valley across a large field of blueberries and alpine roses and reached the parking lot in time for the ride back to the valley. A stopover in Flüeli-Ranft marked the end of our trip. In the village, one can visit the birthplace and residence of the hermit and national saint Niklaus von Flüe (1417-1487), known as Brother Klaus.

In the evening we met again in Lucerne and visited an excellent restaurant for a wrap up of the trip. Too soon it was time to say goodbye. Thanks Markus and Stefan, for your hospitality and unforgettable days in central Switzerland!

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  • Need to define the duration of the activation in advance in order to be able to plan bands, modes, operators, etc.
  • Magnificent mountain scenery of central Switzerland in view while operating
QSOs during the activation on HB/OW-011.
It was a great trip to a very special summit. Thanks for the QSOs and sorry if we didn’t have the chace to have a contact!


2 Gedanken zu “HB/OW-011 – Heitlistock – 2146m

  1. Marcel DM3FAM 2. November 2021 / 19:59

    Hello Roman.
    Thank you for the report and the beautiful pictures. You had a great time. Glad I could be part of your pile-up and managed to work you while you saw the view of the beautiful mountain landscape of Central Switzerland. I sat in my home office and was allowed to look at the office screen HI ;-). See you soon.
    73 Marcel DM3FAM

  2. DL3TU 2. November 2021 / 20:57

    Always a pleasure to QSO, Marcel! Thanks for the contact and for spotting me on the summit. There seemed to be a problem with RBNhole.
    I think this was one of the best operating positions I had so far, watching Eiger north face and running a pile-up on 40 metres 😉
    73, Roman

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