The 1 kg challenge

As many SOTA-enthusiasts, I’m continuously improving weight, size and performance of my equipment. Over the last few years, the following setup has formed for SOTA activations where weight plays the key role.

This selection offers two options depending on the available space at the summit. The ‚Mono Band‘ option weighs 980 grams and is my choice for mountain tops with limited space. The antenna is a 5 metre vertical for 20m with three radials.
The ‚3-Band‘ option weighs 1015 grams and allows operating on 40, 30 and 20m with an EFHW, typically in inverted Vee configuration. It’s footprint is acceptable on summits with large activation zone.


From left to right:
6m- squid pole from Decathlon (carbon fibre laminate), „flight deck“ (2mm plywood), case for LNR Mountain Topper Radio 3 Band, Palm Pico Paddle, 500mAh LiPo 3S, pencil with eraser, pencil sharpener, log sheet and two bull clips. Earbuds, cable for Palm Pico Paddle, power cable, spare fuses and tape.
Green pack bag with 3 tent pegs, guy rope and support plate for squid pole made of 5 mm plywood.
Antenna option ‚Mono Band‘: Purple antenna bag with 20m Ground Plane, 3 radials and 2.5m RG316.
Antenna option ‚3 Bands‘: Linked EFHW-dipole (40-30-20), tiny coupler 1:64 with 2.5m RG174
on grey seat cushion.

‚Normal‘ hiking equipment which is required to climb a summit safely (e.g. water, food, warm clothes, first aid kit, Swiss Army knife, etc.) doesn’t count. So it’s only the weight of the technical equipment for playing radio on a summit 🙂



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