F/AB-430 – Bec Charvet – 1738m


August 15th, 2022  10:45 – 12:20 UTC
My first activation of Bec Charvet.

Wx: Partly cloudy, approx. 20°C, moderate breeze
Walking time: approx 45 minutes up, 25 minutes down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 300 vertical metres

Rig: MTR-3B / 5W, 1000mAh Li-Ion battery (3S), Palm Pico Paddle
Ant: Liked EFHW dipole with TinyCoupler (1:64) as inverted Vee on a 6m squid pole (carbon fibre laminate) and Grund Plane for 20m on the same squid pole

Condx seemed to be good with k = 1, SFI = 126

15 QSOs on 40m CW, 3 x S2S
13 QSO  on  30m CW
23 QSOs on 20m CW, 1 x S2S

– Intersting hike on an aparently less known trail

How to get there?

By car to Col du Coq. From there on a trail without sign posts and only few markings (yellow dots) to the top.

2022-08-15 11.22.07
Bec Charvet seen from the road to the car park.

Activation report

This was my first activation of this year’s vacation in France. As always, we stayed with our friends in Grenoble and while the rest of the family was relaxing in the pool I decided to do an easy activation of one of the local summits I never activated before.
In the beginning I had some difficulties to find the trail but after a while, I met a group of hikers and together we managed to find the way to the top.
There were only few people and lots of space, so I set up my newly designed linked EFHW dipole at the slope facing west. The activation went like a charm and after a while even the sun came out.
Besides the activation, there was also time to perform a brief test of my ground plane for 20 metres. This is supposed to be the antenna option for summits with restricted space. This test went well and after 90 Minutes I packed up with 51 QSOs in the log and returned to the parking lot.


  • It was an interesting trip to a less known summit.
  • With the help of GPS there is little difficulty to stay on the trail.
  • Magnificent mountain scenery of Chartreuse while operating.
 Thanks for the QSOs! Photos can be found here: https://sotl.as/summits/F/AB-430


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