F/CR-233 – Beaume Lardière – 542m


August 25th, 2022  9:00 – 9:20 UTC
My first activation of Beaume Lardiere.

Wx: Sunny, approx. 30°C, moderate breeze at the top
Walking time: approx 100 minutes up, 75 minutes down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 450 vertical metres

Rig: MTR-3B / 5W, 1000mAh Li-Ion battery (3S), Palm Pico Paddle
Ant: Liked EFHW dipole with TinyCoupler (1:64) as inverted Vee on a 6m squid pole (carbon fibre laminate)

Condx seemed to be good with k = 1, SFI = 108

16 QSO on 30m CW

– Nice hike with scenic views.

– The telescopic mast snapped during activation.

How to get there?

Car park near Les Mazes next to the bridge over L‘ Ardèche. Cross the bridge and  follow the sign posts and markings (white/yellow) to the top.

2022-08-25 11.58.01
Scenic view from Beaume Lardière, F/CR-233 (542m).

Activation report

This was the last activation during our vacation in France. This time accompanied by friends who agreed to stay at the top with me while I was palying radio. Our families visited a fair in the next village.
We started at the bridge over the river Ardèche and gained altitude quickly. It was a rather hot day but fortunately parts of the trail led through forest and low trees. When we reached the top, we first dind’t realize since it was not very pronounced and covered in trees and bushes. Then we searched for a suitable spot for antenna and some shade for the operator. But with the limitations of the terrain, the  setup had to be done in a way that the upper segments of the squid pole were bent heavily under the tension of the antenna wire.
Nevertheless, I started the activation on 30 metres and it went well. When I QSYed to 40 metres, I realized that the gusty wind added stress to the pole and just when I started calling CQ the pole snapped. It would have been possible to repair the pole in some way but with my friends already waiting and 16 QSOs in the log I thought it was better to call it a day and pack in.
At the top, where a cool breeze was sweeping, we didn’t feel it but on the way down we realized how hot it actually was. Everyone agreed that it was best to return to our campsite and jump into the river to cool off.


  • The summit offers little space for an activation. Most of the top is covered in low trees and bushes. A vertical would have been ideal…
  • Magnificent view while operating.
Thanks for the QSOs! Photos can be found here: https://sotl.as/summits/F/CR-233


2 Gedanken zu “F/CR-233 – Beaume Lardière – 542m

  1. Andrew VK1AD 23. September 2022 / 09:12

    Hi Roman, how small is the TinyCoupler impedance transformer? What size core and mix did you use?

    • DL3TU 23. September 2022 / 13:20

      Hi Andrew,
      I’m using an FT50-43 toroid 1:64 (3 primary, 24 secondary) no capacitor as only the bands 40m, 30m and 20m are used. It’s surprising how well it works.
      A brief report is now available here.

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