About me

My name is Roman and I live in Tuebingen, situated in the south western part of Germany. The Swabian Jura is close to my home and the Black forest isn’t far, too.

I’m a radio amateur, licensed since March 1992. I enjoy DX- ing, contesting, designing and building antennas and playing with my radios.
Favourite mode is CW but I do have a microphone – I think…

I’m proud member of Second Class Operators‘ Club (SOC #1283), because so few are really First Class 😉

I like climbing the mountains and playing radio in beautiful environment. That’s why the SOTA programme attracted me. Thanks to that, I went to places I would probably never have visited otherwise. Oh – and I really enjoy the pile-ups that spring to life when you show up on the bands from a summit.
Personally, I take this hobby as a pleasant relaxation and I like the comradeship among the radio operators. Chasing after points doesn’t mean much to me. My current interest is climbing alpine summits and making equipment which is a lightweight as possible.

This blog describes my outdoor activities and related stuff, such as equipment and operating technique.

Hope to cu from the next one!

73, Roman – DL3TU


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