Equipment for Low Mountain activations

Lambdahalbe 6m squid pole, „station desk“ (2mm plywood)
Elecraft KX3 in KX3 Go-Box with MH3 microphone, pencil and sharpener
Palm Mini Paddle, Earbuds, DC-power cable, lashing belt, tape, clock and voltage reducer
Red pack bag with QRP L- Tuner, 22m end fed wire and a single radial (20m), tent peg.
Li-Ion 14.8V (4S) 2500 mAh, writing board with log sheets, ground sheet (made of an old shower curtain), adjustable rubber cord
Green pack bag with 3 tent pegs, 3 x 6m guy rope and blue support plate 14mm (for guy wires)
grey seat cushion, 2m RG316 and 250 g throw bag (optional).

Micro-light equipment for alpine summits (weight: 1365g)

2021-07-25 17.14.39

6m- squid pole from Lambdahalbe, „station desk“ (2mm plywood), case for LNR Mountain Topper Radio 3 Band, Palm Pico Paddle, tiny neodymium magnet, pencil with eraser, log sheets and foldback clips.
Pencil sharpener, spare fuses, cable for Palm Paddle, earbuds, power cable and tape.
Purple antenna bag with 30m-Vertical, rubber cord and 3.5m RG174 (on grey seat cushion).
Green pack bag with 3 tent pegs, 3 x guy rope (1.0m) and MAB34 (support plate for guy wires).
Not in the picture: 1000mAh LiPo 3S.