HB0/DL3TU – 2./ 3. October 2015


For the third time we headed for the Principality of Liechtenstein to operate Field Day style as HB0/DL4AAE/p and HB0/DL3TU/p from the summit Augstenberg (2359m A.S.L.).

We ran our K3’s simultaneously, powered by two 60Ah batteries. Again we used our home made VDAs covering the bands 17m through 10m. The total weight of our equipment was approx. 70 kg which we hand carried to the summit and back.

Condx were good at times. 17m appeared to be the most reliable band with good QSO- rates throughout the activation. 15m and 12m produced nice pile ups but were not open all day long. 10m opened for about an hour on Friday and very briefly on Saturday.

The temperature was slightly above 0°C and strong wind (foehn storm) kept knocking over all our antennas. On the second day the storm grew stronger and caused us to shut down one station around noon. DL4AAE kept 17m on the air as long as possible while DL3TU dismantled the remaining antennas and brought them back to the base camp. Eventually the storm destroyed the 17m VDA and a tent so DL4AAE had to QRT.
We managed to return to the base camp with all our gear in the last daylight. On Sunday morning snow was falling and we were very lucky to reach the valley before all tracks were blocked.

Despite the sudden fall in temperature we made approx. 1550 QSOs in two days, 40% with Asia, our target area.

It was lots of fun. Thanks for the QSOs!

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