HB0/DL3TU – 27. – 29. September 2014


For the second time Uwe, DL4AAE, and Roman, DL3TU, headed for the Principality of Liechtenstein to operate from the summit Augstenberg, 2359m A.S.L.
We ran two K3/ 100 simultaneously powered by two 60 Ah lead-acid batteries.
However, this time we designed, built and used VDAs covering the bands 17m through 10m. The total weight of the equipment was approx. 70kg which we hand carried to the summit. Three days of perfect weather made this trip most enjoyable. We returned home with 3000+ QSOs in the log, 35% with Asia, our target area.

It was great fun. Thaks for the QSOs!

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