Summer BBT on DM/BW-046 – Plettenberg – 1002m (4)


August 7, 2021  07:00 – 08:00 UTC
My fourth activation of Plettenberg.

Wx: Overcast, approx. 15°C, rain started at 8:00
Walking time: 20 min. up, 15 min. down
Ascent/ descent: approx. 100 vertical metres

Rig: FT-290R and SG-Lab 1300MHz transverter, Belcom LS202E for 2m SSB
Ant: Bi-Quad for 23cm on a tripod, Oblong for 2m on a 6m squid pole

Condx on 23cm seemed to be good.

13 QSOs on 23cm SSB

– First activation on 23cm
– ODX: 311km

– none


CQ WW DX – CW (2019)

Also this year I was invited to join the crew of DD1A in Singen (Hohentwiel). DL1II keeps the station in excellent shape and DD1A can be heard in various contests throughout the year. Due to many other commitments, I usually only go there only once or twice a year. CQ WW DX is the biggest contest of the year and DD1A usually participates in the Multi Two class.



Participated in the Multi/ Single HP class with the team of DD1A. Conditions were OK if you accept that we are close to the bottom of the cycle. 10m didn’t open at all and 15m opened only briefly on both, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
On Sunday afternoon 20m was in excellent shape and we enjoyed a good rate for several hours. Stations from the North and West showed the typical „fluttery“ signal – sweet music in a DXer’s ear 😉


CQ WW 160 CW

Since 2015 I made serious attempts to participate in this contest in the QRP class.

To my big surprise I ended up 2nd place in Germany/ QRP in 2015. With no dedicated Rx- antenna and moderate effort I reached 46,617 points with 261 QSOs whereof 39 were mults and 2 had been with W/VE.

In 2016 I put more effort in (but still no proper Rx- ant) and ended up 2nd place in Germany/ QRP again. This time with 63,210 points (327 QSOs, 1 W VE/ and 41 mults). There were some issues with the interface to the KX3 during the first night, forcing me to use the PC only to log the contacts. All QSOs were hand made.

Finally I built a shielded loop and tried again in 2017. This time 1st place in Germany/ QRP with 86,296 points (425 QSOs,  1 W/VE and 45 mults).