Top Band

This subject is „off topic“ as it describes my activities and achievements on Tob Band. All of them are conducted from my home QTH and not from a summit for obvious reasons.

Considering the fact that we’re living in the outskirts of the city in a house with virtually no garden, I would never have dreamed about getting on Top Band.
However, with an unusual antenna setup, good ground conductivity and plenty of luck I manged to be QRV on 160m.

The Tx- antenna consists of a 42m- wire, running from the roof to some trees on a nearby hill. Average height above ground is approx. 15m. In addition some large (~ 15m long) steel elements (supporting the structure of the building) are connected to the braid of the coax. The whole thing seems to work similar to a „Half Sloper“.
The take off angle seems to be low (thaks to the very wet ground) as I repeatedly worked stations in NA with only 5 Watts.

Noise level on the Tx antenna is about S6 with 400Hz IF-BW which doesn’t allow working much DX. Hence, there is a continuous improvement project running on the Rx- antennas.
Currently I use a „Mini- Whip“, permanently set up on the roof top. Its SNR is slightly better than the one of the Tx- antenna. With the K3 and its Sub- Rx in diversity mode, readability of weak signals can be improved.
The second antenna is a shielded loop. Due to its size, it can only be set up temporarily during contests. SNR is at least 6dB better than on the Tx- antenna. Due to not fully understood reasons it works very well for signals from EU but not always for DX.

DXCC- Entities worked: 73

WAS: 23/50

First place in Germany/ QRP during the 2017 CQ WW 160 (86,296 points / 425 QSOs/ 1 W/VE/ 45 Mults)


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