Top Band

This subject describes my activities and achievements on Tob Band. All of them are conducted from my home QTH.

Considering the fact that we’re living in the outskirts of the city in a house with virtually no garden, I would never have dreamed about getting on Top Band. However, with an unusual antenna setup I manged to be QRV on 160m.

The Tx- antenna can be best described as a „Half Sloper“. Instead of a tower I use several large steel parts, supporting the building’s structure. And a single wire running from the roof to a tree on a nearby hill. Thanks to the very wet ground the whole thing seems to have a rather low take off angle. This assumption is supported by the fact that I repeatedly worked stations in NA with only 5 Watts.

Noise level on the Tx antenna could be worse but doesn’t allow working much DX. Hence, there is a continuous improvement project running on the Rx- antennas.
Currently I use a „Mini- Whip“, permanently set up on the roof top. Its SNR is slightly better than the one of the Tx- antenna. With the K3 and its Sub- Rx in diversity mode, readability of weak signals improves significantly.
The second antenna is a shielded loop. Due to its size, it can only be set up temporarily during contests. SNR is at least 6dB better than on the Tx- antenna. Due to not fully understood reasons it works very well for signals from EU but not always for DX.

DXCC- Entities worked: 84

WAS: 23/50

First place in Germany/ QRP during the 2017 CQ WW 160 (86,296 points / 425 QSOs/ 1 W/VE/ 45 Mults)


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